Anypoint Platform is multitenant integration platform as a service and it is used for wide use cases. MuleSoft introduce and keep enhancing the Anypoint Platform and recently they have added Transit Gateway as a part of Anypoint Platform. 

Transit Gateway acts as a Cloud Router in AWS and simplify the network access between VPC’s, on premise data centers and third party software. It generally merge the on premise and cloud network into single network topology. You can add multiple transit gateway in your Anypoint Organization and that is completely depends on number of the Transit Gateway entitlement with your organizations.

To create Transit Gateway on Anypoint Platform, Anypoint Virtual Private Cloud and AWS Transit Gateway must exists in the same region. One of the main advantage of the Transit Gateway to simplify the network topology and merge all the network (On Premise or Cloud) to act as a single network topology.

With AWS transit gateway, you can connect on premise, cloud resources and also establish the connection with Direct connect and using Anypoint Transit gateway within Virtual Private Cloud you can connect AWS transit gateway.


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