The free e-book Software Architecture Best Practices in the Cloud Era was released. Written by seven senior developers with great relevance in the technology market in Brazil and in the world, it is divided into ten chapters that walk through key topics about software architecture with insights based on the authors’ real project experiences. In themes such as clean code, domain driven design, refactoring, database, microservices, and cloud, the authors present a practical view on successful initiatives in companies, explain why other projects in these fields were not successful and highlight global trends with the potential to transform the Brazilian technology’s landscape and consequently, the market.

The book project started after some gaps in the supply of current and translated materials on software were identified. “There was a huge discussion about not having advanced material in Portuguese aimed at senior developers. In addition, the content available in other languages, mostly in English, becomes out of date by the time it gets finally gets translated into Portuguese. We also noticed the lack of more practical views and opinions, so we decided to invite Brazilians who currently are referencing in the tech communities, specialized in different areas of software architecture, to author each chapter,” says Otávio Santana, distinguished software engineer at Zup and one of the authors of the book.


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