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One gallon of Milk and a medium sized Cloud please


My ISP is Marco, and I don’t mean Marco as in Ltd or Inc – No, I mean Marco my neighbour. He lives 200 meters away from me, and serves half the village I live in with internet. A long time ago before traditional ISP companies even bothered to offer internet in the village, Marco installed antennas around the entire village, offered internet services to all who wanted it, and is today the largest ISP in my village. Today of course we’ve got several huge ISPs in Cyprus, but nobody really care. We’ve got Marco, and we’re happy with using his internet. He was there for us when nobody else cared, so why would we want to switch to some huge giga corporation today?

When the big banks stopped allowing people to pay their bills over the counter, Marco stepped in, and is now paying people’s bills too. Need your bills paid? Drop by at Marco’s internet store, leave enough cash to cover your bill, add 2 EURO commission on top, and your bills are paid within a day or two. Needless to say, but for the older people in my village, such an offer is precious, since most of the really old people in my village don’t even know how to pay their bills online.



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